Texas DADAP Online Class Details

TDLR-Approved Course

Dadapclass.com is fully licensed and sanctioned by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR – formerly the Texas Education Agency TEA). It is accepted by all courts and DMV locations in the state of Texas. Learn more about our Texas Approval

Variety of Educational Platforms

DADAPClass.com provides a 21st Century approach to education using an array of teaching materials and techniques. There are no longer books, workbooks and highlighters. This class is a 100% online platform that can be accessed anywhere the student has Internet access. You can take this course from your home computer, your laptop, tablet, even your smart phone. The course is sized to work on any Internet-ready device.

Topics Discussed

This Texas Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program meets all the topic requirements required by the TLDR. This includes the following:

  • Program introduction, pre-program test, and background
  • Texas laws
  • Physiological and psychological effects of alcohol/drugs
  • Effects of alcohol/drugs on the driving task
  • Signs of a problem (drinking or drug use)
  • Decision making
  • Post-program exam


One of the simplest and most-effective teaching method is through video learning. Our DADAP class has more than an hour of videos. Some of the videos are real-life scenes with real people facing the consequences of poor choices and navigating through the often long and arduous DUI conviction process.

Victim Impact Panel

Another learning technique, one that most states require as part of any DUI or alcohol awareness class is the victim’s impact panel. This is where the student gets to meet victims or view their testimonials to see the harm DUI behavior has caused.

Graphs & Charts

Graphs and charts are two of the best ways to illustrate relationships and connections when it comes to data analysis. Dadapclass.com’s 6-hour DADAP program is chock full of charts and graphs that are both informative and visually-stimulating to help the student stay engaged.

Student Involvement

Speaking of student engagement, there is no better learning tool than experience. With the vast majority of our students having already suffered the consequences of poor decision-making with respect to drugs and or alcohol, it is imperative that the student "experience" the course. By having the student participate in the course, making them assess and evaluate their own behavior, our program seeks to make deep, internal changes within the student.

After identifying the problem and the triggers that are affecting the poor decision making, our course seeks long-term success. This is done through decision-making exercises as well as teaching the students techniques to keep them from relapsing.

Our program is designed to educate students about drugs, alcohol and driving safety. No doubt you will get a strong refresher in Texas DUI laws. But most importantly, we are aiming to help you identify your problem and give you the tools necessary to make better choices and continue to be positive, responsible and productive members of society.

Texas Class Covers

  • Laws of Texas
  • Physiological Effects of Alcohol/Drugs
  • How Alcohol/Drugs Affect the Driving Task
  • Detecting the Signs of a Problem with Alcohol/Drugs
  • How to Make Better Decisions Around Alcohol/Drugs
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