About DADAPClass.com

DADAPClass.com™ is a website owned and operated by Blue Mountain Education, Inc. to provide DADAP Online Courses to Texas students. We've designed this website to make taking an online class for a Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program requirement as fast and simple as possible.

Many students take our classes for a court requirement. Since this program has been approved by the state of Texas (TLDR #DA004), students can take this class knowing that their class will be accepted by the state.

Court requirements aren't the only reasons to take our classes. Some students take our classes for a corporate or school requirement. While still others take the class for personal growth.

DADAPClass.com technology

Many man years of software engineering has been devoted to making our classes as easy to use as possible. We recognize that students might choose to take our classes on a variety of devices. This includes PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones and tables. Our responsive mobile-friendly design is meant to work on multiple devices.

DADAPClass.com course curriculum

Our experts have spent years designing courses that are simple to understand but also convey the important concepts that they need to deliver. DADAPClass.com is licensed by the state of Texas and thus is required to have specific topic covered in the class. We cover all these topics plus try to add a non-nonsense perspective.