How to find a DADAP Class Near Me

Are you looking for a DADAP class near where you live. Perhaps you live in Dallas, Houston or Austin? Or maybe you live somehere outside a big city? You have an option other than an in-person DADAP Class. You can also take an online DADAP Class.

What is an Online DADAP Class?

Online DADAP classes have become available in recent years. Instead of requiring the class to be taken in a classroom environment, you can now use an "alternate delivery method". In simple term this means taking your class online instead of in-person. This means you can use a computer (PC, Mac or laptop), tablet or smartphone. And it can be taken anyplace that’s convenient for you. You can take it hat home, at school, or during a break at work.

Online vs Classroom DADAP Class

There are many advantages with an online class. (See our comparison chart below).

Online Classroom
Schedule Take the class completely on your own schedule. Classroom schedule is defined by the provider and is usually during the evening.
Travel None. Do it on your phone or computer You must travel to the local provider.
Completion Time 6 hours total. Self-paced so you can do it on your own schedule Usually done in one day or one hour per meeting for 6 meetings total. Check with the provider for details.
Cost$95 (similar to classroom)Varies depending on the provider

I Still Want A Classroom DADAP Class

The state of Texas has licensed several facilities to offer in-person DADAP classes. Please see our DADAP Class Directory to find the one closest to you. These classes are ideal for people who prefer a classroom learning environment. You should consult the provider for their schedule to determine when and where the classes will be held.

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